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The Zhong Ding online discussion group is available to all Zhong Ding Members.

To use the group you will first need to sign up for the group.  You will then need to wait for an email confirmation to say the account is activated.

As part of the sign up, you will be asked for the region of Zhong Ding you study in and your instructors name so your details can be verified.

If you need help getting started, click here to download a step by step guide to help you through the process

So get connected with your Zhong Ding brothers and sisters today.  A discussion group is only useful if people get involved and post their thoughts and ideas.

When you sign on for the first time, introduce yourself to the group in the Welcome section and then start posting your questions/thoughts.

Master Nigel Sutton has his own area within the group where you can catch up with news from him or post questions for him.

Signed up already?
Click here to go straight to the group