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  malaysia 25  

Senior Master Instructor Ken (Junior) Mead has just completed the first ever Tai Chi Combatives and Self Defence course here in the East Midlands, which is part of a wider initiative led by Chief Instructor Nigel Sutton.

Over the eight week course students practised Tai Chi's eight powers/energies through a short routine. They concentrated on the power principles not just the specific techniques and to graduate from the course participants had to defend against and fight off the bullet man.

Click here to view a video of their fight with the bullet man

  malaysia 25  

The Zhong Ding 25th Anniversary celebration is about to commence in Penang Malaysia (August 2013).

A number of East Midlands Instructors and students are attending.  Click here to view the blog of their journey



Sixteen year old East Midlands student Billy Christie (pictured left with his Instructor Ken (Junior) Mead) has just returned from the British Tai Chi open gaining two medals.

Click here to read more.


A new Tai Chi class has opened at the Garibaldi School, Forest Town Mansfield.

Senior Instructor, Phil Smedley (pictured left) will be running this class from 6.00pm-7.00pm every Friday.

The class is open to students of all levels.

For more information, please contact Phil on 07792 396137 or email phil@progress-fitness.co.uk


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