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East Midlands student wins medals at the Tai Chi British Open

Sixteen year old East Midlands student Billy Christie (pictured left with his Instructor Ken Mead) has just returned from the British Tai Chi open gaining two medals.

Billy gained a bronze medal for his weapons form (broadsword) and a silver medal for pushing hands.  In the pushing hands competiton he was competing in the adult category.

Billy became an inside the door student of Master Instructor Ken (Junior) Mead in November 2011 and has been training with him for just over two years.

He has been a member of the Zhong Ding Lao Hu squad since June 2011 and this was the first external competition he has had the opportunity to compete in with the squad.

Billy has worked hard over the last few months attending four and half hours of training every Saturday with Junior as well as a weekday class and his only individual training to improve his art and prepare for the competition.

He has also attended squad training for both the disciplines he competed in at the British Open and additionally for the Wolves stick fighting squad.

Junior has expressed how pleased he is for his students success.  Here a a few words from him:

"Billy is a great student to teach.  He came to my Tai Chi class at the age of 14 with his cup empty and has absorbed my teachings and that of internal martial arts.

His understanding and skills are really coming to fruition as proven at the British Open and we can all expect to see more from him in the future"

East Midlands Zhong Ding would also like congratulate Billy on his success at such a young age and look forward to seeing more medals in the future.