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Name: Carol Harradine
Email: unavailable
Tel: 01623 798583
Interests: Tai Chi, Chi Gung

Carol is a nurse and has been studying Tai Chi for 18 years. She started Tai Chi classes with her husband, Don, as therapy for an injury she sustained while fencing. It was the Tai Chi practice that helped her to regain her mobility.

She and Don started attending classes in West Bridgford where she learnt the Yang long form, Chi Gung and the Cheng Man Ching form. She was introduced to the Zhong Ding organisation through Steve Johnson and travelled to Manchester with Don and others to train with Master John Higginson. It is through Master Higginson that she was introduced to Nigel Sutton.

As her training progressed she and Don realised their paths through the art were to be different. Donís interest followed a more martial path whereas Carolís interest was in the chi gung and health benefits.

Subsequently, Carol has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and Tai Chi proves relief from the symptoms. Her main focus is an adapted version of Sun style Tai Chi designed for people with arthritis and the Cheng Man Ching Form. She is the only person teaching this version of the Sun style in the Nottingham area. Sun Style Tai Chi uses small, high postures, with slow, continuous movement forwards and backwards and connected arm movements. It improves the flexibility of joints, so is of benefit to people with arthritis, osteoporosis and muscle problems.

Carol has a number of students who have been studying with her for years. She has seen their lives change because of their practice. They have progressed and developed both in the art and in their personal lives.

She believes that Tai Chi is great for improving health and particularly as an aid for those suffering with arthritis. It is an art that develops the individual as a whole.