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Name: Dave Porter
Email: internalnature@hotmail.com
Tel: 07787747154
Interests: Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Kundalini/Shakti energy, Meditation

Dave currently works in Sales but prior to this he was a professional artist for about 13 years.  He created a website of his work and hopes to develop his art further at some point.

He has been studying Tai Chi for 19 years and came to study Tai Chi as a cure for a repetitive strain injury in his back.  He was addicted to the art from the very start.

"Discovering Tai Chi for me was magical, miraculous and fascinating, it complemented my continuing interest in understanding the subtleties of mind, body and spirit."

Since starting his study in this art, he has tried to achieve a balance of family commitments and the dedication needed to fulfil personal goals.

Prior to taking up Tai Chi, he studied Karate and Kung Fu in which he enjoyed greatly but found they lacked spiritual awareness and sensitivity.  He enjoyed the feeling he got from studying these arts but felt they were too forceful and controlling and fuelled his ego too much.

Dave came to the Zhong Ding organisation when he started training with Steve Johnson and Chris Turner (who is now based in the US).  It was through Steve that he gained contact with Master Nigel Sutton and Master John Higginson (who runs Zhong Dao which is based in Manchester, a member of the Zhong Ding organisation).  He travelled to Manchester to train with Master Higginson and subsequently became one of his "inside the door" students.

Dave’s current personal training focus is based around future connections to spiritual awareness.  He believes this is paramount for him to absorb new insights into all aspects of his Tai Chi training.

He believes Tai Chi is an amazing tool of awareness that can be a catalyst for living your life in balance, not only in your posture, but also your mind as well. It is mind, body and spirit.  The fact that the spine is gently encouraged to remain straight helps with the massage of your internal organs, improves your blood circulation and opens your energy through the meridians. Regular training helps to centre and ground you, improving your patience, giving higher self-esteem; self worth and the confidence to embrace live.

Dave recently had the opportunity to visit Malaysia where he trained at the Zhong Ding Training Centre with Master Nigel Sutton, to expand his Tai Chi knowledge further.