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Name: Jan Hodgson
Email: janet.hodgson47@ntlworld.com
Tel: 07815031650
Interests: Tai Chi

Jan is a Hospital Ward Receptionist and has been studying Tai Chi for 14 years. Her main focus is the use of Tai Chi and Chi Gung for health benefits.

She started studying Tai Chi because she had seen people practicing it in parks and on the television. She thought it looked great for health and relaxation so decided to give it a go.

Jan’s first classes were with Zhong Ding instructors. She started training with Ian Cassetari and Darren Roberts, attending a class in Cresswell.  As she continued to attend she was asked to help out with the class. Darren stopped his involvement in the class so she continued to assist Ian.  Eventually, Ian handed the class to Jan and she continues to run this class today.

Jan’s main areas of teaching are the Tai Chi form and Chi Gung. She enjoys working with her students and has seen many of then develop and improve.   She has a number of students who have trained with her for some years and she has observed their progression through the art.

"Each individual is different and comes to Tai Chi for different reasons.  I get great satisfaction seeing my students progress with their art and grow in confidence"

Jan’s current personal focus is the San Feng form and is currently learning this with Don Harradine. She also attends a number of advanced Tai Chi classes for her own personal development.

She believes that Tai Chi and Chi Gung are great to aid relaxation, reduce stress and improve health and wellbeing.  It is an art that is suitable for all ages for example her granddaughter started the art when she was 9/10 years old and continues the art today now she is in her late teens.  Likewise, as we move into retirement the art can help to keep our minds active and our bodies mobile and free from illness.