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Name: Miles Craig
Email: energy_orchard@live.co.uk
Tel: 07854 283718
Interests: Taiji, Qigong, Silat

Miles is a General Manger in the car industry.  He has been studying Tai Chi for 22 years and has been part of the Zhong Ding organisation for the past 16 years.

He started his Tai Chi training with Tony Henrys learning Yang style Tai Chi.  It was whilst training with this school that he went to China to learn Wudan Shen Quan Qigong.

His first association with the Zhong Ding organisation was when he met Steve Johnson and he attended a seminar with Master Tan Ching Nee in the East Midlands. This provided him with a link to Master Instructor John Higginson, based in Manchester (a member of the Zhong Ding organisation).  He then started to travel back and forth to Manchester, often with Darren Roberts and Ian Cassetari, to attend seminars run by Master Instructor John Higginson.

As part of his involvement with the Zhong Ding organisation he has had the opportunity to learn other arts from Wuzuquan to Silat.  He also had the opportunity to travel to Malaysia twice for the 10th and 20th Anniversary celebrations.

Over the years, his reasons for training in martial arts and generally and tai chi particularly have changed, but he feels there has been no shortage of good taiji brothers and sisters in the Zhong Ding organisation to talk it over with.

He now Chairs the Qi Gong Committee for the Zhong Ding organisation.