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Name: Ian Cassetari
Ian Cassetari
The late Ian Cassetari was the driving force in the creation and growth of the East Midlands region.  Ian initially studied Judo for 30 years before finding Tai Chi.  He took this up because he thought he was getting to old for Judo and thought this slow Tai Chi thing would be good for his health.  Little did he know that the study of Tai Chi would bring him right back to the martial arts arena.

Ian started his Tai Chi training with Darren Roberts and Steve Johnson.  Steve introduced him to John Higginson (Zhong Dao) who subsequently introduced him to Nigel Sutton the founder of Zhong Ding.   From this point onwards the development of Zhong Ding in the East Midlands commenced.

Ian believed that Tai Chi was for everyone and encouraged people from all walks of life to take part in the art.  This philosophy is now continued by his students.

Unfortunately, Ian passed away in July 2003 leaving a wife and daughter, even in his last moments he was still working on his martial art and sharing final insights with his students.  Ian's family are still a big part of the Zhong Ding organisation attending events and classes.